Tell Us Why You Wear It - Scott

Tell Us Why You Wear It - Scott

I wear Old Elton's clothing as it's different from the crowd, great quality clothing and the message behind each item is both a strong reminder and relatable. The traditional tattoo style designs instantly stood out to me being a fan of art and the tattoo industry. I've always had this feeling of not fitting in and being very different from the crowd. This relates to what I wear as I never felt the average shop and big brands never truly represented or said anything about me. I purchased a few of Old Elton's tees back when Jack first launched as I loved the designs, the message was strong and wanted to support a good friend.

So I don't often open up but I have lived with an autoimmune illness since my early teens and left me needing a handful of major surgeries on my legs. As a person I'm very vulnerable to being self destructive. I never realised quite how much all this impacted and took a toll on my mental health. In 2017 I ended up getting help for depression and anxiety after hitting rock bottom. I did counselling sessions for a while and learnt to come to terms with my illness and that talking about things really helped. I still have my moments but I like to feel I'm better at managing and controlling it, rather than past where it was controlling me.

In 2018 Old Elton's released items with message Stay strong and the message in these designs really spoke to me. I ended up getting the Tudor rose Jack designed tattooed as a personal reminder that things will get better.


Scotty is wearing an OG tee that we no longer sell! One of the first tees we printed up about 4 years ago now!

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