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Tell Us Why You Wear It - Liam

To me, clothes are an extension of who you are. They can bring comfort (during those days), confidence (when you need it) and of course a sense of identity. With Old Elton’s, I have all 3 in 1.

I recently did a cull of clothes in the new year and I watched Tidying up with Marie Kondo to give me some ideas. She simply says “Does it bring you Joy?”. If it does, you keep it. But if you hesitate even for a second, you simply need to get rid of it. 

With all my Old Elton’s clothes, I don’t think there’s ever going to be a second in my life where I hesitate because, these clothes and what OE’s stand for hits at a different level. I know I’m myself when I proudly wear them.

Many Thanks,
Liam Watkins
Liam is wearing our Snake Globe trucker cap!
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