Tell Us Why You Wear It - Kirstie

Tell Us Why You Wear It - Kirstie

Before I stumbled upon Old Eltons Clothing, my t-shirt collection was pretty poor. For some reason I’ve always been super fussy about what I’m wearing as I’ve never felt comfortable wearing things with meaningless quotes on the front or pictures of bands I’ve never actually listened to. This is why I love Old Eltons, not only do their designs absolutely rock but also they embroider quotes and captions that I can relate to on their clothing, such as my ‘have a day’ socks or my ‘self doubt sucks’ tee. 

After suffering pretty badly with my mental health over the last ten years I can finally say that I am at peace with my struggles and now I work with kids who are going through similar things to what I went through too. Being open and honest about my own life in order to help others is something I am so passionate about and that’s why I wear my Old Eltons clothes with pride, to spread the message even further that self doubt does indeed suck and it IS okay to just have a day. Having patience with yourself and others is key in a battle with mental health and having clothes that remind me to do just that, I think is invaluable. 

- Kirstie

Kirstie is wearing our Have A Day Socks & our Signature striped tee!



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