Tell Us Why You Wear It - Pav

Tell Us Why You Wear It - Pav

So you roll out of your pitt, thick head from the previous nights shenanigans, not sure if you can face the day. Forcing yourself into the shower you vainly attempt to wash off yesterdays stress, in order to leave room to cover yourself in todays. Bleary eyed and curtailing a deep sigh you sit on the end of the bed, summoning whatever motivation you can to get dressed.  Odd socks, moth eaten undies and unironed chinos get slipped on, then you see it...Old Eltons Clothing t-shirt. Something resonates, you slip it on and remember that things get better, that you've got this, that you're not alone. It's hard to ignore a message when you're wearing it.


Pav is rolling with our "Eyes Wide Shut" tee on his kick ass onewheel!

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