Tell Us Why You Wear It - Gee Jones

Tell Us Why You Wear It - Gee Jones

Hey folks at Old Elton's,

I absolutely LOVE the concept behind #TELLUSWHYYOUWEARIT and so I am getting in touch with my story.

My Old Eltons cap is my favourite thing in my wardrobe because it's not just an accessory, it's a reminder. A reminder to stay strong. When life is filled with so many hurdles and struggles, it's quite easy to lose hope, especially at the minute.
I have always been known to be the positive person in any situation, the person who is always smiling.

After having been made redundant from a dream job lately and (like everyone) separated from most of my family during these tough times, I've struggled to be my happy, optimistic self. I've been pretty down to be honest.

Despite it all, this hat reminds me that it's okay not to be okay. I'm not alone. And that is why I love to wear this hat, to let you know that you're not alone either. 

Life if tough but so are you. 

Sending you my best wishes and thanks,
Gee is wearing one of the original dad hats we did way back in the day!
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