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O.E Classic Oval Shopper Tote Bag.
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O.E Classic Oval Shopper Tote Bag.

We wanted to step away from the currently watered down world of tattoo inspired clothing.

For too long companies have relentlessly pumped out these products with little passion or purpose. Our goal is to infuse meaning and into fashion by using stylish & organically sourced clothing as a means of spreading an important message surrounding mental health.

Each design shows a powerful, moving message that brings mental health struggles to the forefront.

We hope to start conversations about these important issues and build a genuine community, to give back to the world through the power of fashion and use people as a means of fixing this problem within society.

We aim to re-imagine the world of tattoo art fashion.

We simply couldn’t stand to see the constant influx of big brand names using this incredible traditional art form as a way purley to "pump out" profits. We aim to re-imagine the world of tattoo art fashion and use it as a means of causing a positive impact within our society.

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