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Head In The Clouds Tee

Head In The Clouds Tee

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This was always a saying I heard from my teachers when I was in school, they used to say I was day dreaming or looked like I had my head in the clouds and it really stuck with me. It was only a matter of time before I turned it into a shirt!

I know for sure that we've all had our heads in the clouds at one point or another, whether it's daydreaming about our future or getting lost in nostalgia, it can be tough to stay focused on the present.

Just because we have our head in the clouds doesn't mean we're not doing well. Infact, it might even mean we're doing great! After all, keeping our head high allows us to see the beauty in life and remain optimistic despite whatever challenges come our way. so next time you find yourself caught up in your thoughts, don't worry, just enjoy the view from up there.

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