Tell Us Why You Wear It - Guide

Tell Us Why You Wear It - Guide

In these blog posts, you'll find submissions from our awesome community who were incredible enough to share their stories with us. This is to show other people within our entire community that it’s okay to talk openly about mental health. If you would like to share your story with us then please take read the following;

"we would love it if you could send or tag a photo of you wearing your chosen garment & write around 100 words or more explaining what it means to you."

This is all done in the essence of the Old Eltons community and sharing why people wear our product, keeping mental health in mind.

You can either;

1) Email (this can be anonymous if you like)
2) Tag us in your Instagram story
3) Post a picture using the hash tag #telluswhyyouwearit
4) or all three :D

To show our gratitude for helping us here at HQ, but most importantly helping this community grow, we’re going to be giving you 20% off your next order! (*minimum spend of £10*) Once we have uploaded your story to the website, we’ll send you an email with your unique code!

Thank you so much for your on-going support

Old Eltons
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